SpokePOV – More LED for your Bicycle

Pac-Man LED Bicycle Lights

It’s not the first time we’ve covered spoke LED lights here at GeekAlerts, there’s been one from Blujay and another one from The Hokey Spokes Company. But the above Pac-Man version is without a doubt the coolest pattern we’ve seen so far.

It’s been created with the SpokePOV, an easy-to-make electronic kit toy containing all the parts necessary to build your own bicycle light show.

  • Can be used with road, mountain or BMX wheels!
  • 30 LEDs on each side (22 for BMX) x 256 radial pixels
  • Runs on 2-3 AA batteries for 10 hours or more, assuming 3000mAh alkalines and 50% image coverage.
  • Can run on rechargable NiMH AA’s
  • Comes with high-brightness red LEDs, but can be upgraded with green, blue, amber, etc.
  • Automatically shuts off after 3 minutes
  • wxPython based software runs on any Linux or Windows PC with a parallel port
  • Design is all through-hole parts, perfect for a first time kit builder.
  • With one spoke, total persistence at 15mph. Two spokes, 10mph. Three spokes, 7mph. (Assuming a mountain bike wheel). Looks cool even if not completely persistant.
  • Great for safe riding at night, provides excellent side visibility.
  • Playa-tested!

A complete Triple SpokePOV Kit + Dongle + 2 Magnets costs $99.

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