Spikepak Leather Backpack

Spikepak Backpack

Some animals have natural, built-in defense mechanisms to ward off their enemies. The porcupine has its quills, the shark has enormous, flesh-tearing chompers, and the pufferfish has spikes as well as neurotoxins. While we humans don’t have any spectacular, deadly body parts quite like these animals, we do have our deadly imaginations and that’s why the Spikepak Leather Backpack was created just for us.

Wear the Spikepak on days you feel prickly and want to claim authority over your personal space. Nothing need be said when you have this on. The message is pretty clear. But if anyone accidentally bumps into you they won’t be harmed, nor will they be inclined to sue you for damages.

Spikepak Leather Backpack

Spikepak Leather Backpack

  • Large leather backpack
  • Soft spiky points along the outside
  • Large zippered interior pocket
  • Deep exterior pockets for pens, and peripherals
  • Spot clean only!

Even though the pack has a typical black color, it stands out just as if it were neon yellow. There’ll be no bag mix-up with a knapsack this original. Mine’s the one with the spikes. Mario Bros. fans will love how Bowser-like the pack’s shape looks. Price Is Right fans will want to play Plinko on it. Goth fans will just love it for what it is.

Get the Spikepak Leather Backpack at ThinkGeek for $57.99. Speaking of sharks, would you dare to wear the Plush Shark Hat?

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