Colossal Speed Cube Puzzles

13 Sided Speed Cube Puzzle

A few years ago, we brought you the challenging 8x8x8 Speed Cube, but that’s nothing compared to these Colossal Speed Cube Puzzles. We’ve found 9 sided, 10 sided, 11 sided, and even 13 sided speed cube puzzles, which should satisfy even the most ardent cubers. Each of these are premium designs with smooth turning for fast action.

Personally, a regular 3×3 Rubik’s Cube is formidable enough for me. However, I could “solve” these, provided the stickers aren’t on too tight.

You can buy these many sided Rubik’s Cubes from Amazon: 9x9x9, 10x10x10, 11x11x11, or 13x13x13. They are rather expensive, so you may want to use price tracking on to get these when they go on sale for a lower price.

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