Something’s Out There Predator T-Shirt

Somethings Out There Predator T-Shirt

In addition to the Ah-nuld (80s action hero extraordinaire), the sci-fi flick, Predator, had some pretty cool visual effects, and the Something’s Out There Predator T-Shirt lets you wear the most awesome visual on your chest.

Most films fail when it comes to showing invisibility, usually just opting to not have anything in the actual scene. That’s an accurate portrayal but boring to see. However, in Predator, you could just barely get a glimpse of the creature. You could tell something was there but you couldn’t tell what it was.

The front of this 100% polyester tee features the cloaked, shimmering image of the alien hunter, complete with glowing eyes. The back continues with the jungle background and features the quote from the film, “There’s something out there waiting for us and it ain’t no man,” along with the unique three-point targeting laser used by the Predator.

Somethings Out There Predator Shirt

The Somethings Out There Predator T-Shirt is available for $35 at

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