Smurf Bookends

Smurfs Bookends

Bookends are not really something you make a point to go shopping for. But every once in a while you come across a really nice set that’s hard to pass up, like this smurftacular pair of Smurf Bookends.

Papa Smurf taught these young lads how to work hard and persevere. After all, the strength in numbers tactic is effective when the Smurfs are up against Gargamel and Azriel, or Hogatha.

The bookends’ metal bases slide underneath your books so that they are able to stand upright, but the two Smurfs look as if they are the ones doing the grunt work.

Smurf Bookends

Smurf Bookends

  • The Smurfs Book Ends are Smurfs characters that hold your books together!
  • Original Smurf Merchandise!
  • These novelty bookends measure approx 8 cm x 15 cm x 6 cm each
  • They are made of poly resin

The bookends come in a fun Smurf-blue box with a picture of the bookends, as well as a little cartoon drawing of Brainy Smurf (our favorite) reading a book. If someone you know has just moved into a new mushroom, these bookends would be a fun housewarming gift. Also, kids would be thrilled to have a pair of Smurfs on their bookshelves.

You can find the pair of Smurf Bookends at I Want One of Those for £17.49 (with free delivery in Britain), Amazon in the UK for £9.20, Amazon in Canada for $49.78, and Amazon in the US for $30.49.

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