Smash Mute TV Mute Button


It never fails. You’re kicking back, enjoying the latest new show on TV, when an eardrum-shredding commercial suddenly comes on and slaps you out of your blissful happy place. The Smash Mute TV Mute Button lets you banish the irritating sound from your sanctuary of relaxation and entertainment.

If a super-loud commercial comes on or the phone rings, it can seem like it takes forever to hunt down that tiny little mute button on your regular remote control, but this over-sized control was made to be located easily. Just program the device to work with your television and you’ll never be bothered by screaming infomercials, bellowing lawyers, or Justin Bieber again because they can all be smashed into silence.

If you prefer a mute button that looks a little tamer, you can also smash loud commercials with a more peaceful-looking blue button.

The Smash Mute TV Mute Button is available for $24.95 at

(via Gizmodo)

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