Savory Bacon Sticks

Savory Bacon Sticks

If only bacon came in sticks. That would certainly make it easier to eat. Less greasy too. Well, they do come in sticks. Savory Bacon sticks. Get the taste of bacon in a convenient stick form.

These crunchy bread sticks are infused with artificial bacon flavoring, which makes them the perfect treat. As a special bonus, it comes with a complimentary temporary tattoo inside. You can’t beat that!

Savory Bacon Sticks are your best choice when there is no actual bacon nearby to snack on. These bacon-flavored crunchy snack sticks pack a powerful punch. They’re as perfect for packing in your lunch as they are for munching on while you watch the movie Babe. Each stick is 4-3/4″ of bacony goodness. Savory Bacon Sticks are delicious and addictive, we can’t stop eating them! Not only do you get two sealed packs in each box you get a free tattoo! There are four different temporary tattoos distributed randomly, so if you want them all, get snacking! That’ll do, Bacon Sticks. That’ll do.

This tasty treat with a free tattoo is just $3.99 from Urban Outfitters, $4.99 at and $3 at

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