Rocking Cradle

rocking cradle concept

Babies are precious and adorable, but on the practical side, they’re also expensive to raise and support. You might already be well aware of this if you’re planning to start a family anytime soon.

When you’re expecting, there are all sorts of preparations to take care of: cradles, playpens, cribs, and other baby supplies. They’re usually costly and the sad thing is that babies outgrow them pretty fast. This is why I think the Rocking Cradle is a really good concept.

rocking cradle

Basically, it is a sturdy and simply-designed rocking cradle that’s spacious and comfortable for your tiny tot. But when he or she outgrows it, you can easily convert it into not one, but two rocking chairs. Just saw it down the middle on the marked spots of the crib to divide it into two rockers, and you’re done.

The Rocking Cradle is designed by Martin Price.

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