Rick and Morty Eyehole Chocolate Truffles

Rick and Morty Eyehole Chocolate Truffles

While the demand for this was nowhere near as great as that for Szechuan Sauce, these Rick and Morty Eyehole Chocolate Truffles are still sure to please many fans. They are inspired by Rick and Morty Season 2, Episode “Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate,” where they see a commercial for this crazy breakfast cereal.

Instead of a cereal, the real-life Rick and Morty Eyeholes are white chocolate truffles with a green strawberry filling. However, just like on the show, these will melt in your mouth and are worth the risk of Eyehole Man bursting through a window and kicking the crap out of you.

You got to be careful Morty, If that guy catches you with a box of his Eyeholes, he’ll come bursting in through a window and just starts kicking the sh*t out of you. But it’s worth the risk. They melt in your mouth. – Rick

Inspired by the episode “Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate,” fans of the hit Adult Swim series Rick and Morty can now enjoy the alien delicacy they have been asking for. Packaged exactly as seen on the show, each box of Eyeholes contains 12 gourmet white chocolate truffles that are unparalleled in this dimension. Astor Chocolate’s intergalactic chef did not disappoint when it came to bringing these melt in your mouth delicacies to life, right down to the green strawberry filling. FYE guarantees these Eyeholes are worth the risk of getting beat up by Eyehole Man.

Rick and Morty Eyehole Chocolate Truffles are an FYE exclusive, where they retail for $19.99 a box. It’s too bad they didn’t come out a bit sooner since they would be a perfect treat for a Halloween party. It’s also too bad they’re an FYE exclusive instead of IKEA.

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