Red Stapler T-Shirt

Office Space Red Stapler T-Shirt

Anyone who has seen “Office Space” saw the psychological lashing Milton received at Initech. When Milton got messed with one too many times, i.e. got moved down to Storage B, got the shaft regarding distribution of birthday cake, when the “glitch” was fixed, and when Lumbergh ganked the red Swingline stapler, guess what happened in the end? The company was burnt to the ground. The Red Stapler T-Shirt with the word “mine” written on it is a subliminal message to the world and the man saying, “hands off my stuff.” (Or, “dang, that was a good movie!”)

I could see the squirrels…

In today’s corporate world, you often have to sign an agreement that says you don’t even own your own thoughts while employed by said Evil Corporate Overlord. That makes even the littlest things at work count. For instance, listening to your music at a reasonable level while collating, receiving a piece of the obligatory birthday cake for the coworker nobody likes, and keeping your red Swingline stapler, even when they switch to the Boston stapler, because the Swingline doesn’t bind up as much.

100% cotton heavyweight t-shirt claims dibs on your office supply of choice. Image of red Swingline stapler with “mine.” printed underneath in white text.

The stapler was to Milton what the ring was to Gollum; precious. If you or anyone you know has the same unhealthy affection for their red stapler or other random office supplies, this is the perfect t-shirt to give. Set against charcoal gray fabric, the red stapler almost shines. It’s a declaration that the little things in life keep us going.

Available at ThinkGeek, the Red Stapler T-Shirt is $16.99 to $18.99 in sizes S to XXXL. Also available at ThinkGeek is the Office Space Kit, complete with a mini red stapler. Combine that with the shirt for a sensational, over-the-top gift.

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  1. If your going to make a “Stapler” T Shirt for fans of “The Office” movie then at least use the correct red stapler. The red swingline stapler used in the movie was a prop and it looks different than the actual red stapler that swingline released AFTER the movie came out, which is what you used.

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