Stap-Man Retro Pacman Mini Stapler

Pacman Stapler

The Stap-Man Retro Stapler is a mini stapler inspired by the classic Pac-man arcade game. It is fully functional, and even comes with 1000 staples, so you can use your Pacman stapler to chomp your papers together. But you’ll have to make the waka waka sound effects yourself.

A while back the Stap-Man Retro Stapler debuted, but for reasons unknown it was originally available in black or white only. Now it is finally available in the Pac-man appropriate yellow color.

On the bottom of it are two small feet that keep the Pacman mini stapler from rolling off your desk. With the feet it is easy to display this cool stapler for instant geek cred in the office. It isn’t just a toy either, it is a totally functioning mini stapler.

Pac-man Stapler Stapling

It uses mini staples and comes with 1000 staples in a plastic box. This is a standard size staple, so if you ever need more you can buy them at Office Depot or any office supply store. The Stap-man stapler is 1.25″ wide and has a diameter of around 2.6″.

As shown from the below picture from the Vat19 website, you can have a lot of fun playing with this Pacman stapler along with other office supplies. Colored paper clips can be used to make ghosts, while white push pins can be dots for Pac-man to eat.

Pacman Stapler Toy

The Stap-Man Retro Stapler is available for $11.95 at Vat19. (They are currently sold out, with more expected in stock on March 4, 2011.

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