Pacman Candy

Pacman Candy

These tins of Pac-Man Candy are a nice complement to the Retro Video Game Controller Candy and Super Mario Brothers Candy we recently posted about. Choose the Pac-Man tin, or everyone’s favorite Pacman ghost, Blinky in normal Red or in Blue. Each tin is filled with power pellet candy (waka-waka!) in delicious flavors.

Pac-Man seems like the best one, because that tin has a unique twist-to-open system where you are able to pour the candy out of his mouth, while the ghosts are just ordinary candy tins. When it comes to flavor, they all sound good. In reality, true Pacman fans will want to collect them all so they can play with them.


  • Pac-Man: Orange
  • Regular Blinky: Sour Cherry
  • “Blue Ghost” Blinky: Sour Blue Raspberry

Pac-Man Candy is available for $3.99 a tin or $6.99 for a 2-pack (Pac-Man & Ghost) at ThinkGeek. However, when you order a ghost or the two pack, it is random whether you get the regular ghost or blue ghost. Get a set of all three for $11.95 at Neatoshop. If you want to order these specifically, they are available for $4 each at Fractalspin.

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  1. Saw these in a sweet shop in London yesterday along with the Nintendo mints and other amazing imported sweets.

    The shop was on Garrick Street next to the Snog Frozen Yogurt shop in Covent Garden.

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