Quick Play USB Turntable

USB Quick Play Turntable

A lot of music buffs I know pride themselves with their expansive collection of vinyl records. One common complaint I hear though, is how they’d like to hear some songs while they’re working on their PCs or on their MP3 player. I never had an answer to help them out with their woes–that is, until I heard about the Quick Play USB Turntable.

Simply plug the Quick Play USB Turntable to your computer via the USB port, put your record on, and start converting your audio and save it straight to your computer’s music library. It’s an easy way to copy songs from your records and keep a backup of the audio, just in case something happens to the actual records themselves.

Quick Play USB Turntable

That’s right vinyl lovers, thanks to the ingenious Quick Play USB Turntable you can put all your LPs, 12″s and singles straight into your digital library.

To transfer vinyl directly to your computer, simply plug this chic little turntable into the nearest USB port, fire up the idiot-proof EZ vinyl converter software and start converting your collection. Forget about clumsy adaptors, special drivers and mismatched software. It’s easier than, er…well, it’s easier than putting a record on!

The belt-driven USB Turntables can also be connected to any home stereo with CD or auxiliary inputs. This means you can spin your records through your regular system when you’re not converting them.

The Quick Play USB Turntable is available from Firebox for £49.99.

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  1. The best way to listen to music:vinyl. But sadly we have to store our music by converting. When you buy one usb record player, make sure you get one with the software needed and some decent sound quality. Also watch for 33 and 45 rpm!

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