Puzz 3D Big Ben Puzzle

Puzz 3D Big Ben Puzzle

Watching TV shows not recorded on DVR means having to put up with lots of commercials. You might’ve noticed how annoying that is if you’ve been watching the recent coverage of the Summer Olympics; just sitting there watching the same commercials so that you can see if your country has won a medal. The sacrifices! If you find yourself bored during commercial breaks, why not try putting magnificent puzzles together like the Puzz 3D Big Ben Puzzle?3D Big Ben Puzzle

Hey look kids, there’s Big Ben! And there’s Parliament! It won’t be long before you finish the 373-piece 3D structure and have a beautiful clock tower staring back at you. The funny thing about putting a clock tower together is that you’ll probably lose track of time completely.

Puzz 3D Big Ben 3-D Puzzle
Technically, Big Ben is the name of the bell, but this attractive 3-D puzzle brings you the entire building! Spanning 373 foam-backed pieces, this durable constructible puzzle towers above other mere mortal puzzles, ascending toward the heavens in a three-dimensional spire of glory. Anglophiles, take note, this is a great project to put together that’s tons of fun, too!

  • Britain’s most famous time-piece!
  • Over 2-feet tall!
  • Can you build Big Ben?

Entertainment Earth has a sweet Winning Solutions Sale going on that means if you buy $50 worth of your favorite 3D puzzles and board games, you’ll receive free shipping. The Puzz 3D Big Ben Puzzle is hot off the truck at Entertainment Earth for $29.99. Amazon also carries the puzzle for $39.99.

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