Punisher Nemesis Pop! Vinyl Figure

Punisher Nemesis Punisher Pop Vinyl Figure

Frank? Is that you? The Punisher Nemesis Pop! Vinyl Figure is ready to dish out some hot lead and cold vengeance, but is this Frank Castle?

First, let’s cover what I’m not certain of. I don’t know if this is Frank Castle. Sure, the former soldier-turned-vigilante would probably have no problem wearing camo but he’s never been the shy type. On the other hand, Carlos Cruz became a Punisher-type vigilante and he wore a skull mask… but I don’t remember him wearing camo either. My brain has failed me.

Now here’s what I do know. Regardless of whether this is Cruz or a variant edition of Castle, this is an awesome, eye-catching figure. Standing about 3 3/4-inches tall and armed with two pistols and a knife in his boot, this is one bobble head you don’t want to mess with.

The Punisher Nemesis Pop! Vinyl Figure is available for $9.99 at Entertainment Earth.

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