Portable Biometric Fingerprint Safe

Portable Biometric Fingerprint Safe

While the Spy Bolt Covert Secret Container can conceal small gems or valuable jewels for you, its small size that serves as one of its main advantages also serves as a disadvantage; it can’t hide your other equally valuable stuff that’s a bit bigger in size. But for all those, there’s the Portable Biometric Fingerprint Safe to keep them safe in.

The Portable Biometric Fingerprint Safe opens for you. That’s because before it swings open to reveal your precious treasures, the safe will do a scan of the fingerprint of the person attempting to open it. And as we all know, fingerprints are unique and completely non-transferable (unless you consider the methods that some crooks use to open fingerprint-protected safes and of course the MythBusters episode.)

Portable Biometric Fingerprint Safe

Simply use your fingerprint to open this executive biometric security box and without worry about lost keys or people memorizing your combination locks. This portable security box utilizes cutting-edge fingerprint biometric lock technology and is perfect for keeping things like expensive jewelry, firearms, important documents, and other valuables.

This fingerprint security box is a very easy and secure way to store your valuables. The fingerprint system uses a single finger swipe as its locking mechanism and can handle a maximum of 200 fingerprint templates.

The Portable Biometric Fingerprint Safe is available from Chinavasion for $88.40.

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