Porsche Design Aluminum Hand-Crank Radio

Porsche Radio

Do you want to be the one with the coolest radio on the block? This Porsche Design Aluminum Crank Radio ($200) will probably let you be that person, at least throughout this year.

It’s got a built-in white LED flashlight and a red LED flashing emergency light with a siren. You have four different power options: dynamo hand-cranking, rechargeable NiMH battery, plug-in AC adapter, or 3 AA batteries.

The metal teeth and tuning wheels are made from aluminum extrusion. Other features include AM & FM/Shortwave aerial antenna, ultra bright dual white LED flashlight, built-in dynamo cell-phone charger and emergency siren. Recharge your cell phone simultaneously with a cell phone adapter tip – free with purchase available through Eton… Measures 6.8 x 1.7 x 3.4 inches.

(Via Prylfeber)


  1. Unfortunately good idea, poor execution. Purchased this at Sharper Image. Had to return the first one for a loose connection, lost the station and got static. Second one lost power from the batteries when moved. The radio dial calibration was so misaligned as to be unusable. Listening to AM on the AC adapter was full of interference. You need to use the antenna to get a decent AM signal as there doesn’t appear to make be an internal AM antenna, an inconvenience. The second one went back and I got a refund.

    I really wanted this to work but for a $200 radio the the quality control people were asleep at the wheel. Shame on Eton! Buy one of the Freeplay radios, cheaper Eton crank radios, or one of the Sony crank radios instead. How sad.

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