Tiny Wind-Up Keychain LED Flashlight

Mini Dynamo Keychain 2-LED Flashlight

Wind-up flashlights and keychain mini LED flashlights – both quite popular items. Now you can get both of these merged together as one product.


  • The Smallest Dynamo for small piece of keychain flashlight
  • Brightness LEDs
  • Suggest: Switch off the LEDs and rotate the dynamo
  • Dimension: 4 x 3 x 1.3 cm

Mini Dynamo Keychain 2-LED Flashlight

The Mini Dynamo Keychain 2-LED Flashlight is available in black, blue or red and can purchased from the Gadget Brando website for $8.


  1. Yes, these would be easy gadgets to keep in your glove compartment or scattered around the house in strategic locations. Also great for backpacking.

  2. The Wind-Up keychain LED Flashlights are handy emergency gadget that provide brightness for dimly-lit corners. However, the brightness will not be enough when comparing to standard led flashlights.

  3. I received one from a promotion. I have kept it with me all the time. I wound it up over 2 mos. ago, and it’s still producing light. No, I don’t use it often, but when I do, it’s always there. Well worth whatever they paid.

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