2-Way AM/FM/NOAA Crank Radio

2-Way AM/FM/NOAA Crank Radio

This portable self-powered 2-way crank radio lets you communicate with others from distances of up to five miles – using no batteries whatsoever.

Just a few smooth turns of the fold-out crank stores enough kinetic energy for up to an hour’s worth of music or news on AM, FM, or NOAA (weather). Or simply speak into the radio, and VOX (voice-operated transmission) lets you talk directly to another person with a matching Crank Radio — or any other 2-way Family Radio or General Mobile Radio tuned to the same band of the 22 channels covered.

With the correct adaptor, you can even use cranking power to recharge your cell phone, or to power the built-in LED flashlight or Emergency Siren (cover your ears, it’s loud!) You may also insert 4 AA batteries for weeks of effortless use, or use the included AC adaptor in non-emergency situations. But every residence and vacation home should have at least a pair of these 2-Way Crank Radios at hand for their self-powered, emergency capabilities — there is no limit to the number of radios that can communicate with each other.

The 2-Way AM/FM/NOAA Crank Radio ($149.95) is available from Herrington.


  1. This is quite amazing. To think that you can power a radio by just turning a crank. Wow! This could be a real life-saver.

    Any idea if they’ve had this crank technology around for several years? Or, is it just something that has been developed in the recent past?


  2. I’m ready if the big one hits here in Calif. I have a crank radio and a crank flashlight. I’ve used them both during power outages.

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