Pong Gold Reveal Cases for Smartphones and Tablets

Pong Gold Reveal iPhone 5 Case

We’ve all heard that smartphones and other wireless devices generate electromagnetic radiation, and there is the fear that this can cause cancer.  Thankfully there is no conclusive evidence to date that radiofrequency energy causes cancer, but some degree of concern is nevertheless justified when you spend hours a day with these devices.  Pong Gold Reveal Cases for Smartphones and Tablets are designed to protect your device while reducing your exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Pong Research actually introduced this patented technology, which uses an antenna to direct and  diffuse energy away from  your head and body, a while back.  However, these brand new Gold Reveal cases now make the underlying technology visible, which is cool and stylish.

Pong Gold Reveal iPad Case

The Pong Case with Gold Reveal incorporates the company’s patented technology and, for the first time, shows off the gold-plated Pong antenna. Now you can see what makes The Pong Case the only case on the market that protects both you and your device. The result is a stylish, eye-catching product that fuses both science and design.

Order Pong Gold Reveal Cases direct from PongResearch.com. They have versions for iPhone 5, iPad, iPad Mini, and Samsung Galaxy S3. Gold Reveal cases for the Galaxy S4 are coming soon.

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