iPhone 5 Retro Game Cases

iPhone 5 Retro Game Cases

Playing games on an iPhone isn’t unique, but can you play games on your iPhone case? Give your iPhone gaming a retro twist with the iPhone 5 Retro Game Cases, and never be bored again during those times when your forced to turn you’re phone off.

iPhone cases are designed to be sturdy but these colorful, interactive cases are also entertaining. Enjoy three different classic games, depending on the case you select.

iPhone 5 Retro Game Cases

  • Amazing: Navigate the ball through the challenging maze from start to finish
  • Groovy: Maneuver the balls until all are in the center at the same time in a game of wits
  • Undecided: Hold vertically and shoot the ball for a magically answer to your question

Give all the fancy apps a break and enjoy some classic fun with the iPhone 5 Retro Game Cases for $29.99 at Pure Gear. Retro Game Cases are also available for the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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