Mini Ping Pong

Mini Ping Pong

An office with no game room is no place to work at. If you’re looking to liven up your office environment and making it a better place to work in for everyone, you might want to consider putting in the Emergency Yodel Button for some instant relief and get the Mini Ping Pong set to appease your sports-loving colleagues.

Don’t get the full-sized one, because then they might not even want to get back to work. But the Mini Ping Pong might give everyone the best of both worlds and might help make you win Boss of the Year at this year’s company’s awards.

Mini Ping Pong

The Chinese are world-champs at playing ping-pong. In fact, it’s the China’s official sport. But, if they work so much… when do they have time to practice paddling? This mystery has now been solved. They practice in the office!
This mini ping-pong kit is the ideal companion for workers who are bored at the office and spend all day sending PowerPoint presentations to their entire family.
Store it in any drawer in your desk and take it out the minute your boss turns his back. Play a few sets of ping-pong with your workmates. It’ll make the workday go a lot faster!

The Mini Ping Pong Set is available from Curiosite for $8.79.

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