Pleo Dinosaur Performance Editing Tools (Video)

Pleo Dinosaurs

The AIBO super hackers have entered the Pleo party full strength by porting one of their most powerful and fun AIBO performance tools over to Pleo.

“Skitter”, a full featured skit creation tool for the AIBO designed by the AIBO wizard known as DogsBody, has now been reincarnated as “MySkit”. It allows Pleo owners to create their own performances giving them control over Pleo’s various motors including the ability to import existing animations from the original Pleo library, with the added capability of adding and synchronizing sounds to movements. Skits are then assigned to the various touch sensors on Pleo’s body allowing them to be triggered by a touch to that location, or they can also be run automatically on startup.

In this video, I show Digger, Claire, and Pendragon, my 3 Pleos, doing a skit that involves a short bit of dialogue followed by a song complete with synchronized lip movements. Each Pleo is running a skit designed just for their part with it’s own animations and sounds.

I’ll be releasing the files that comprise the skit so all Pleo owners can perform the skit for their friends and family and be the star in their own Pleo show. I’ll also include instructions on how to set up and perform the skit along with an alternate Claire script for the ladies out there that has Claire saying “Mommy” instead of “Daddy”.

These skit files and performance instructions will be available at the Robots Rule Pleo blog in two weeks. Meanwhile, you can download and read about the MySkit Performance Editor for Pleo over at

You might also want to check out YAPT (Yet Another Pleo Tool). This tool allows Pleo skitters to attach skits created with “MySkit” to more advance triggers such as Pleo’s sound and tilt sensors, etc.

Thanks to Robert Oschler at!

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