Are you ready to get groovy? Are you ready to get funky? Then you need the PhunkeeDuck to add a little hi-tech geekery to an everyday activity.

Walking. Simple, isn’t it? Stand up, put one foot in front of the other, and whammo-bammo, you’re moving from one spot to another. It’s almost like magic.

Here’s the thing, though. Walking is hard. Someone tried to replace walking with the Segway before but it was big and clunky and expensive. This Phunkee gadget is taking a new stab at making walking obsolete.

Is it big? No, it’s about the size of a skateboard.

Is it clunky? No, actually it looks sort of cool.

Is it expensive? Ummm… there’s a reason why you only see celebrities on it.

Riding the PhunkeeDuck seems pretty simple. Hop on and just lean in the direction you want to go. The only transportation that could be simpler is… walking.

PhunkeeDuck detail

The PhunkeeDuck is available for $1,499.99 at, and it’s available in six different colors. You can similar Smart Self Balancing Scooters at for about $400.

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