OnTip Family of Gloves

OnTip Family of Gloves

If you are anything like the average person, you are probably on your smartphone constantly. With winter approaching and cold weather on its way, you’re going to need to find a warm method of communicating with friends even when the snow is falling. You’ve probably seen some of the other winter gloves out there with their finger sensitive materials for use on touchscreen phones, but those won’t do you much good when the temperature really plummets.

You are going to need superior warmth and ingenious design to make it through all the ski excursions and holiday trips this winter season. To do that, OnTip introduced its OnTip Family of Gloves. With an attached thumb swipe, and sensitive tips made especially for texting and touchscreens, you can forget about the lengthy auto correct process and still keep your hands warm and dry as your continue on with your daily smartphone routines.

OnTip Gloves

The patent-pending technology of OnTip results in a glove fingertip that works even if the tip of the glove is not in firm contact with your skin. This innovative breakthrough is what allows OnTip gloves to include warmer insulation than any other touchscreen glove on the market. The “OnTips” are placed on the ends of the thumb and forefinger of each hand. The material and its specific placement enable visual alignment of tip to keypad when warm insulation softens the sense of touch. So, even hands cushioned in warmth can still text, call or choose music with accuracy.

Go to OnTip where you can learn more and purchase the gloves in assorted colors and styles starting at $29.50

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  1. WOW! Most touchscreen gloves are flimsy, and don’t even look warm, BUT these gloves actually LOOK like winter gloves! AWESOME find!

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