Omniscient Siri iPhone Case

Omniscient Siri Case

Now who in the world hasn’t heard of Siri by now? This personal assistant app that comes with Apple’s iPhone 4S was the talk of the blogosphere when users discovered just how easy and convenient it was to perform simple, everyday tasks on the device.

As expected, Siri grew a following of admiring fans, and the Omniscient Siri Case was born. The case was actually an entry to a competition organized by Shapeways to “honor” the virtual personal assistant.

The Omniscient Siri Case pretty much renders your phone useless because the only button you can access is the button you use to summon Siri–hence, its name. It’s fine if you’re not planning on using your phone to read or send text messages, check your email, or take any calls. But if you do that on a regular basis (which is obviously, very highly likely), then this case is obviously not for you.

The Omniscient Siri Case is available online from Shapeways for $90.

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