No Pausing Pooch Lawn Sign

No Pausing Pooch Lawn Sign

This No Pausing Pooch Lawn Sign might stroke your neighbors the wrong way, but its message is as clear as day.

I’m a proud dog owner, and accept responsibility for any harm my dog does to anyone or their property. When I take Max out, I try to steer him towards public property when he’s ready to commit his crime, and I diligently pick up after him. If I saw the No Pausing Pooch sign out on someone’s lawn I would take no offense, because I understand how upsetting it can be to see your nice lawn turn into a dog’s toilet. I’ve also witnessed my parents’ lawn being treated as the public doggie toilet for years, and it’s just not a good thing. This sign is something I wish I’d given my parents over twenty years ago.

When we spied this sign on a manicured lawn in London’s upscale Chelsea neighborhood, we chuckled at the Brits’ ability to get a point across with droll humor.
We bet that your neighbors will smile and “get the idea” when they see this sign on your lawn and respectfully pass by. This hand-painted, high-quality, foundry iron sign is exclusive to Toscano.

  • Large: 16″W x 1/2″D x 19-1/2″H. 7 lbs.
  • Medium: 13″W x 1/2″D x 13″H. 4 lbs.

The stance the dog in the sign is making is unmistakeable, and the words “No!” written in black against white can be understood by most people, no matter what background. The dog is actually so cute that anyone would have a hard time being mad at him.

If you get irked when other people’s dogs take a dump on your lawn, take matters into your own hands and post the No Pausing Pooch Lawn Sign at SkyMall. The medium single sign is $19.95, while the large single is $29.95. Otherwise, you can buy them as a set of three at $39.95 for the medium and $59.00 for the large. If you ask me, it’s strength in numbers.

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