Flushable Doogie Bags

Flushable Doodie Bags

Here at Geek Alerts, we love our canine friends. I mean, we’re willing to splurge on these Freezy Pup Treats to keep our pups happy and get the DNA Dog Toy that dogs love to chew and chase around. So why not extend that same love to Mother Nature by disposing your pet’s waste using the Flushable Doogie Bags.

Aside from exercise, the point of walking your dog is to give it a chance to relieve itself outside. Obviously, you have to go equipped with your pooper scooper and doggie bags. Instead of reaching for those plastic bags, go for the doogie instead, which is actually made from Polyvinyl Alcohol film which dissolves in water after 96 hours. So just scoop the poop in, tie it up with a knot, finish the walk home, and flush it down your toilet.

Flushable Doogie Bags

Flushable Doogie Bags

Flushable Doodie Bags are the answer! They’re sturdy enough to make the return trip home, but the Polyvinyl Alcohol film dissolves quickly in the toilet. Flush it down and your sewage treatment plan will remove the harmful toxins and bacteria from the fecal matter. Within 96 hours of being flushed, the bag will have fully dissolved into H2O and CO2. This set comes with three pocket-sized packages of 20 bags each, for a total of 60 bags.

  • Safe for most sewer & septic systems (if you can flush a wet wipe, you’re safe to flush these!)
  • Will even work with low-flow toilets and older plumbing
  • Still afraid to flush? That’s okay, these bags will dissolve fast in the landfill too
  • 60 bags, 3 pocket-sized packs of 20 bags each

The Flushable Doogie Bags are available from ThinkGeek for $8.99.

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