My Little Pony Muffins Mini Messenger Bag

My Little Pony Muffins Mini Messenger Bag

It feels good when your old, cherished cartoons come back from years of dormancy, or what you thought was banishment to oblivion. My Little Pony has made its comeback, and not just on TV but also on highly-functional accessories like this My Little Pony Muffins Mini Messenger Bag.

Derpy Hooves, the cooky, googly-eyed Pegasus from MLP, is featured on the front of this khaki-colored bag delivering mail and chasing after one of her homemade muffins. Consider her the modern-day version of the Pony Express.

My Little Pony Muffins Mini Messenger Bag

  • My Little Pony mini messenger bag with a Muffins “Pony Mail” design.
  • 12″ x 10″
  • 100% polyester

The front flap of the bag has a zipper to put things like your snail pony mail inside for easy access, while the buckle strap keeps your larger things locked and loaded for times when you’re maladroit like Derpy Doo. Though it looks like a messenger bag, it’s a miniature messenger bag that’s not more than 1-ft. wide, so it’s more portable like a purse.

If you’re a huge fan of muffins, you’ll be delighted to see that the other side of the front flap flaunts the word “muffins” in all caps. Come to think of it, this bag would be perfect for toting muffins for sudden, painful snack attacks; even the jumbo ones would fit. Be sure to pack extra napkins to clean up the crumbs. Then for times when you have to look like a grown-up, just flip the bag over to the blank side and it’ll look like a sophisticated mini messenger bag.

Hot Topic is having a 25% off the entire site sale, so right now the My Little Pony Muffins Mini Messenger Bag is only $14.63.

The day isn’t quite complete unless Derpy gets on Rainbow Dash’s nerves, so go ahead and pair this bag up with a set of Rainbow Dash Earbuds.


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