Rainbow Dash Hoodie

Rainbow Dash Hoodie

Fans of My Little Pony will love this Rainbow Dash Hoodie. People who love rainbows and unicorns will also be charmed. If you are a glitzy rainbow sparkly pony at heart, why not bring some of that inner Pony to your outerwear?

I have to say, it takes a special Pony enthusiast to wear this hoodie in public. But hey, if you have the spirit of a sparkly pony, you might as well rock it with this 80% cotton, 20% polyester full zip hoodie. It comes in Rainbow Dash blue, with big eyes right in front.

It also has a screenprinted cloud with rainbow thunderbolt on the back left as well as on the zipper pull in front. The hood has pony ears and a rainbow mane. You are now a real pony. Well, almost. Wait. There are pegasus wings on the back. Now you are a full pony. Only $59.99 from Thinkgeek and from $54.50 at Hot Topic and Amazon.com.

Update: As shown in the comments (Sup, Bronies!) the appeal of this product is across ages and genders. Cool thing is, Dash hoodies are available for Men, Juniors, and Kids.


  1. omg…. Dear Santa…….. If you do not give me this hoodie, i know places in the woods where nopony can hear you scream… ^_^

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