Motorhead Shiraz

Motorhead Shiraz

When Bakon Vodka and Fireball Cinnamon Whisky aren’t enough, you can always add a glass or two of the Motörhead Shiraz. Named after the legendary heavy metal band, this officially licensed Australian Shiraz combines a classic blend of the band’s iconic snaggletoothed style with a wine that’s as rich and delicious.

A wine from Lars Ulrich (drummer of Metallica and noted art collector) would have been much less surprising than one from Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead. Not because Metallica is overly commercial, but because Lemmy seems better associated with whiskey than Shiraz. In any case the label rocks, and let’s hope the wine does as well.

Pour yourself a generous measure and raise your goblet of rock. Here’s to you, Lemmy.Officially licensed Motorhead Shiraz

  • Officially licensed Australian Shiraz
  • Fruity aroma with flavors of vanilla, blackberries, plums, eucalyptus and liquorice
  • Full-bodied with soft rounded tannins
  • Goes well with lamb or beef dishes, as well as pasta and flavorsome cheeses
  • 750ml bottle

You can pre-order the Motörhead Shiraz from for £19.99 a bottle or pick it up now at Motorhead’s official website (update: link removed because the website is gone) for €12.55 per bottle.

Keep an eye out for their soon to be released Motorhead Vodka and Rose wine.

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  1. Once I got mine, I’m looking forward to drink the rich flavor and raise an iron fist to the new ace of wines that’s sure to be an overnight sensation. I’ll tell the no class dogs of rock n’ roll and city kids in the metropolis, please don’t touch because if an emergency causes a damaged case of wine, I’ll take the hammer to tear ya down, shoot you in the back, and sacrifice your heart of stone till I’m the one to sing the blues and say it ain’t my crime.

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