Minecraft USB Desktop Nether Portal

Minecraft USB Desktop Nether Portal

If you’re a Minecraft addict, chances are the game invades your thoughts even when you’re not playing. Get the new Minecraft USB Desktop Nether Portal, and now instead of just thinking about Minecraft you can play with your very own operational Nether Portal. You’ll think you’re dreaming of Minecraft when you use this desktop Nether portal to clean up your office by transferring your clutter to the next dimension.

Minecraft USB Desktop Nether Portal

  • 8″ x 10″ Desktop Minecraft Nether Portal
  • Hums calmly till something passes through the plane
  • Serene, yet eerie purple glow
  • Corners are removable if you’re the efficient type
  • Requires 10w, high-power USB port to transfer matter
  • Doubles as a photo frame for people you’d like to put in the Nether
  • Official, licensed Minecraft collectible

Minecraft Desktop Nether Portal

You might expect to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for technology like this. But on April Fool’s Day, the Minecraft USB Desktop Nether Portal is only $39.99 at ThinkGeek.


  1. It’s not broken, the portal part is a joke. The note under the picture even sounds sarcastic. Realize that just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t make it valid.. at all! lmao

  2. Wow looks epic if only it worked in real life cause im a photo editor and i can see you edited that image to have a portal in the middle and you just made it go around the note so it looked realistic.

  3. “Doesn’t work” “Photo edited” “It’s just a joke”
    No shit sherlock, but this is still an awesome idea! 😀

  4. It’s real just tried it, works, sent my one lizard through.
    I think it has like a microwave energy leak because I tried to go through and it burned my hand.

    Additional details for tech support: it does not work as a vaporizer.

  5. That is just SO fake. It only comes out the other side. Guys, they will try ANYTHING to get you to buy this. And yes he is right. It is a bloody waste of time/ resources.

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