Mathmos Monster Lava Lamp

Mathmos Monster Lava Lamp

That’s not a lava lamp. Now that’s a lava lamp. The Mathmos Monster Lava Lamp on steroids commands attention in any room, be it your man cave, bar, party room or bachelor pad.

The lava lamp that first surfaced about 50 years ago has not since lost its hypnotic charm. And lava lamps aren’t about to go obsolete anytime soon. Mathmos has taken a sexy, mesmerizing object and supersized it into a sleek but regal piece of interior art. The giant lava lamp towers at approximately 2 metres or 6.5 feet tall.

This lava lamp is made to order, from the color and design of the galvanized metal base, to the color of “lava” and liquid medium that goes inside. Depending on your location, there might be a professional installation service option available. But you’d better be specific about where to park your lamp, because after it’s filled it’s not going anywhere!

The lava has a lifespan of roughly 2,000 hours. After that, you will need to purchase refill packs.

Since 2001, a guy in Washington state by the name of Brent Blake has been dreaming of building the world’s largest lava lamp as a landmark in his hometown. Though his plans have yet to come to fruition, he did manage to build a 50-ft. mechanical lava lamp for Target’s billboard ad in New York’s Times Square in 2004. Just a random tidbit to throw in there on the subject. The point is: Long live giant lava lamps!

Mathmos Monster Lava Lamp

  • Mathmos Monster lava lamps use a slightly different formulation to regular small Mathmos lava lamps. They must be filled on site and cannot be moved once filled. The lava liquids will last for approximately 2000 hours after which time they will start to become cloudy. To prolong the life of the lamp new liquids can be bought and the lamp refilled
  • Depending on your location they may also be able to offer an installation service
  • Liquid Colors: Clear, Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink
  • Lava Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Black, White, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Purple
  • Measures approximately 2 meters tall x 20 cm diameter

Unless you’ve schemed up a slick program to steal fractions of a penny from your company like the geeks in “Office Space,” you might have to start saving up your hard-earned dollars for the Mathmos Monster Lava Lamp. It’s a cool £3,380, which works out to about $5,476 US or €3,786 with free delivery at

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  1. i love it the lava floor tallest and colors etc and want that it i will buy it for lava floor tallest also so thank you smile

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