Ginormous Gumball Machine

Giant Gumball Machine

This majestic machine stands as a token of justice for all of us kids-turned-grownups carrying emotional scars from being denied gumballs throughout childhood. Now you can fulfill your fantasy and thoroughly freak out your parents, friends and/or customers when you own the Holy Batsmokes, this is the sickest Giant Gumball Machine I’ve ever seen!

Towering at 6.5 feet tall and spanning nearly 4 feet in width, this hunka hunka gumball love will spread cheer and joy to all. (Never mind those who roll their eyes, i.e. dentists, health nuts, raw foodists, boring people.) Furthermore, if you strategically place the behemoth of a machine in a prime location, it won’t be long until your 20,000 one-inch gumballs more than make up for the price of the gizmo when you charge 25 cents  (or pence?) a pop. Lucky kids will be scrambling to insert their coins, crank the knob and grab colorful gumballs that barely fit into their mouths.


  • The sheer size of this machine attracts customers constantly
  • Holds over 20,000 one-inch gumballs!
  • Easy maintenance and huge holding capacity
  • Very intriguing to children
  • Beaver Mechanism
  • Measures 79″ tall and 42″ in diameter
  • Weight: 128 lbs

The Giant Gumball Machine is £2,500.00 with free delivery in the UK through Wouldn’t it be the best wedding gift ever for William and Kate? You might have to send Willy Wonka a purchase order for 20,000 gumballs too though, because they are not included.

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