Absinthe Gumballs

Absinthe Gumballs

To have a taste of the fabled spirit absinthe, popular in some European countries, you don’t have to search far. Absinthe Gumballs are available for your chewing pleasure, minus the liver damage.

Absinthe Gumballs

Chew some of these Absinthe Gumballs as you read the plays of Oscar Wilde, recite the poetry of Charles Baudelaire or admire the paintings of Vincent van Gogh. All were notorious imbibers of absinthe and most certainly would have loved these delicious anise flavored gumballs if they were available in their day. Each tin contains about twenty-two anise flavored gumballs.

  • Contains 22 Gumballs
  • Each tin is shrink wrapped tins in an illustrated display box
  • Dimensions: 8.3 x 6.4 x 1.9cm

Originating in Switzerland, the immensely strong liquor absinthe was famous for being the ‘forbidden fruit’ during European prohibition in the early 20th century. If you’ve seen the movie Moulin Rouge, the Parisian bohemians were seen having delusions of the “Green Fairy”after sipping the drink. Nowadays, absinthe can be found in most countries, but if you really just love the stigma attached to the drink, you will enjoy owning this special stash of green gumballs.

Another interesting fact about absinthe is that when it is naturally derived from herbs, such as anise and fennel, the drink’s vibrant green color comes from the residual chlorophyll left over from the plants.

The tin of Absinthe Gumballs, priced at £5.99, is ready for pre-order at I Want One of Those and will be in stock starting September 26, 2011. Across the Atlantic, they can be purchased on Amazon.com for $5.65.

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