Machine of Death Assassination Game

Machine of Death

With a name like Machine of Death, I don’t think this is a touchy feely game with magic rainbows. Nope. You have to work together to creatively assassinate your target. Then the Machine of Death will tell you how they die. Fun!

It is up to you to figure out how to make them die that way. This is the game of death, not the game of Life. It should be some morbid fun for you and all your friends. Scary for the target, but fun for you.

Machine of Death Assassination Game

  • For Ages 15 and Up
  • A cooperative assassination game, where players work together to creatively assassinate targets. Assassinate four in a row, and you win!
  • Players: 2-4
  • Average Play Time: 30 mins
  • Core Game Includes: 300+ game cards in boxes with JOKES on them, 1 special red die with a SKULL on it, sand timer, wooden coin, notepad, official rule book and quick reference card, Mission Book with game missions created by 22 top webcomics artists, a plastic bag for some of the stuff, and a SHINY CARDBOARD BOX to keep everything in.
  • Expansion Deck Collection Includes: All expansion cards available for the Machine of Death game (Extra Death Cards Expansion, ‘Death by Genre’ Cards Expansion, Intel Cards Expansion, Webcomics Pals/Chums Expansions) all in one box. This includes 300 extra game cards, 100 Intel cards, and 230 Webcomics Pals cards.
  • Extra Blank Cards: A pack of extra blank cards for you to make your own expansions! This set of 50 comes with 24 death cards, 12 gift cards, 9 specialists, and 5 mysterious ‘action’ cards
  • The Book: A compact, pocket-sized edition of the 2010 book that started it all! Contains 34 short stories, each illustrated, that explore the ramifications on society and relationships of a machine that can predict how you will die.

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