Lunchman Sandwich Box

Lunchman Box

Remember how cool you were when you first stepped out of the house with your very own Sony Walkman turned up to full blast? And if you had that yellow sports one, you were the epitome of cool. Or you were that rich kid who was the first to get everything. Although people would be bustin’ up laughing if you were caught with a Walkman today, there’s no shame in flaunting the retro-style Lunchman Sandwich Box.
No more tangled ribbon…

You’ll think you have been transported back to the ’80s with this Walkman replica lunchbox. Although our lives may have been made easier with the digital era you can’t help but miss the good old cassette and cassette player. You might double take at the Lunchman Sandwich Box because it’s pretty authentic, even featuring a mock eject button.

Be the coolest kid in school or the coolest person in the office and carry your lunch retro style. Bring out the hi tops and tracksuits and go all ’80s, alternatively buy the cassette player Lunchman and before you know it you’ll be sporting a Flock of Seagulls haircut and multi-coloured Wayfarers (not included, sorry). Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 10cm

Lunchman Sandwich Box

The Lunchman lid has an image of a cheap-looking cassette tape peeking through. There are also other details reminiscent of the Sony Walkman displayed on the box, such as the big arrow under the cassette window and graphic equalizer sticker image in the corner. What the heck was that for anyway? Reverse, fast forward, flip to your favorite songs without overshooting, some on the A side, some on the B side. Mastering that took years of practice and skill.

The Lunchman Sandwich Box can be found at I Want One of Those for £16.99 or on Amazon, starting from around $7.00, and at Curiosite for $12.35.

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