Libratone AirPlay Sound Systems

Libratone AirPlay Sound Systems

In case you haven’t heard, Libratone, a well-established Copenhagen-based high-end audio company, has just announced the availability of the Libratone AirPlay Sound Systems including the Libratone Live and Libratone Lounge speakers to the USA marketplace. These speakers combine outstanding sound quality with cutting edge features not often found on luxury vehicles, let alone speakers. Made from the finest hand-picked materials including Italian cashmere, chrome, wood and selected acoustic materials, these speakers look as good as they sound.

It gets even better. These speakers feature Apple’s AirPlay, which allows users to stream songs through their Wi-Fi networks from music stored on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, as well as their iTunes music libraries from their PC, laptop or Mac.

Libratone Speakers

The Libratone speakers are now available in a variety of colors to compliment your spaces. The Libratone Lounge, perfect for living room spaces, is available in Slate Grey, Blueberry Black and Vanilla Beige as standard at a cost of $1,299 and as red and green cashmere in its premium offering at a cost of $1,399. The more petite Libratone Live, ideal for any room in the home, is available in grey, black and beige as standard at a cost of $699 and as premium in red and green cashmere at a cost of $799. The stylish Live also offers a chrome handle for easy portability.

Libratone AirPlay Sound Speaker Systems

Libratone Live and Libratone Lounge features:

  • Quality raw materials and craftsmanship all from hand-picked materials including cashmere, chrome and wood. Gorgeous colors compliment every home.
  • Libratone Lounge and Libratone Live utilizes AirPlay, allowing users to stream songs from their iTunes music libraries on Mac or PC, as well as music stored on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, through their Wi-Fi networks.
  • FullRoom technology. The single sound source design ensures that acoustic sound is covered from corner-to-corner. Take the experience to the next level by personalizing the FullRoom feature with the Libratone App.
  • Minimalistic interior design. Libratone Live is small and even has a handle for easy placement. Libratone Lounge is designed to stand alone or to fit under a TV or anywhere aesthetically all while enjoying the same exceptional sound.

For more information, as well as a full list of world retailers go to Libratone. US buyers can purchase the Libratone Lounge and Liberatone Live speakers with AirPlay at the Apple Online Store from $699.95.

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