Desktop Bulldozer Papperweight

Desktop Digger Paperweight

Working at a desk all day can be tedious and sometimes you need fun inconspicuous pick-me-ups to play with. GeekAlerts has shown you things like the Road Sweeper and Zamboni Desk Vacuums in the past, and the Desktop Digger Paperweight should go nicely with that […]


Lomo LC-A+ Silver Lake Camera

For people that take photography seriously and enjoy it as a pastime or art form, there is still nothing like a great analog camera. Lomography has many analog cameras to choose from, each offering something special like the limited edition Lomo LC-A+ Silver Lake Camera. […]

Libratone AirPlay Sound Systems

Libratone AirPlay Sound Systems

In case you haven’t heard, Libratone, a well-established Copenhagen-based high-end audio company, has just announced the availability of the Libratone AirPlay Sound Systems including the Libratone Live and Libratone Lounge speakers to the USA marketplace. These speakers combine outstanding sound quality with cutting edge features […]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Chrome Fugitoid Figure

TMNT Chrome Fugitoid Figure

This TMNT Chrome Fugitoid Figure could add some sleek shine to any geek’s desk or bookshelf. As Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans know, Fugitoid was formed when an accident caused Professor Honeycutt’s mind to be transferred to his robot Sal. This cyborg statue stands 4.5 […]

LED Waterfall Faucet 2

LED Chrome Waterfall Faucet

Looking to give your bathroom faucet that modern look and touch of style it needs; well the LED Chrome Waterfall Faucet could be just what you are looking for.  This faucet is not only good looking, it’s LED light changes color with the water temperature.  […]