LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp

LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp

This LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp will be a beautiful addition to your desktop and give you something pretty to look at while you work.

It’s a desktop lamp that has a mini sea of jellyfish. Watching them float around will be calming and Zen-like. The LED colors can even be changed depending on your mood.

Jellyfish Mood Lamp

LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp

  • Lifelike jellyfish movement
  • 6 bright LEDs – cycle through colors or select your favorite one
  • Includes: Tank, 3 Jellyfish, Power cord (110V), and Instructions
  • Dimensions: 7″ x 10″ x 4.5″ (with 3″ long jellyfish)

LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp is $29.99 from ThinkGeek.com.


  1. one of my jellyfish’s legs got caught in the pump. I pulled it out but a bit of the leg is still in there and now the fish are floating at the top of the tank like dead. I can’t get to the pump because it’s totally sealed. Any ideas as to how to fix?

  2. This particular item I adore, the sad thing is that Australians are often left out due to incorrect power supply.. & not wanting to plug anything to computers~ why isn’t there battery available?
    And the two in a tube looks great on violet colour, again though it’s hard to understand whether it will work in Australia… I am only looking at the Artificially put together jellyfish tanks, & have others interested though why is there no assistance for those of us Down Under”?

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