1. I’m confused about these cheap LED bicycle lights from Hong Kong. I’m trying to figure out if the one’s with 76 LEDS are any good. I am a recreational bike rider and like to ride at night. So I want to see real good and want to be seen also. But the price’s of these lights on Ebay are so cheap that I wonder if they are good or not? Can I use rechareable batteries in them. I just bought a Topeak Triled headlight & tail light. But I’m still curious about these inexpensive 76 LED lights.I’ve been doing alot of reading in the forums & now I want to have 2 lights in front & as many as I can have in the back.Does anyone know anything about these Hong Kong lights? Sure would like to know. Thank you, Linda

  2. Yes, I’ve got several of the cheap Chinese versions off Ebay for the entire family: two 76 LED ($9 shipped) and four 31 LED lights ($5 shipped). Each came with a red tail light as well.

    Obviously these are not the highest quality around, but they work great and are plenty bright to light up the road– comparable or even better than some $30+ brand name lights I’ve had. Battery life lasts me a couple months of moderate use. They use regular or rechargeable AAA-AAs fine. The plasticky “clamp” mounting brackets are probably the weakest parts, but they are serviceable. I’ve even used them in very light rain. But I’ve also noticed some are slightly brighter than others…

    One year– no problems yet, but I would not expect these to last forever. However you can get 4-6 of these for the usual price of a light set. And you’ve got plenty of extras.

    The 76 is noticeable brighter but I prefer the 31 which is plenty of light for suburban roads.

  3. I ordered this led light from China, it has very good
    lighting and for the money i had paid i think the quality is great !! I will order some more for my friends!! Great product!!

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