Korg Kaossilator Mini Synthesizer

Korg Kaossilator Mini Synthesizer

The Kaossilator from Korg is a pocket-sized instrument with a new innovative interface, allowing the user to play musical phrases by simply tapping or sliding the fingers across the touch pad.

The KAOSSILATOR is a portable, travel friendly device that runs on batteries, so you can have fun creating music anywhere your life takes you, with seemingly endless possibilities.

Here’s a video demonstration of the ultra-compact music device:

Korg Kaossilator Mini Synthesizer

  • Synth, sound-effects, and drum sounds, for a total of 100 powerful sound programs.
  • 31 scale patterns let you easily play a wide variety of “always perfect” phrases.
  • 50 types of gate arpeggiation help you perform complex rhythmic patterns.
  • Loop Recording allows multiple phrase overdubbing to create complete grooves.

The Korg Kaossilator is available in stores for about $200. (Update: Link removed because page is gone.)


  1. Saw the Kaossilator for the 1st time a week ago, I felt compelled to buy one instantly, and after watching demo’s on Youtube I did just that!
    For a longtime, creating credible, realistic music on the fly has been the exclusive domain for the chosen few percent, the naturally gifted, the artists, now that reign is over thanks to the Kaossilator! all you need is an imagination, a little bit of musical know how ( or maybe not!) to begin knocking out some full on rechno, electro, funk, drum and bass, or just general weirdness!
    I’m totally addicted to this little box of delights, the sounds are almost all pretty good, even with just being limited to 100 sounds, there are 50 arpeggio’s which you can apply to the 100 sounds, and each sound is manipulated by dragging or tapping your fingers thru the X/Y co-ordinates on the pad, and each sound reacts differently, volume, modulation, sounds etc over the expanse of the pad! So there is plently of room for creating unique sounds and grooves especially with the ability to layer sounds on top of each other as you go along!
    I’ve created a wide variety of styles, from early minimal techno, to 80’s style electro, trance (easy! just wack a few argeggiated sounds together and it’s hand in the air time…. pass the vapor rub mate!) thru to some evil Drum’n’Bass! infact the Kaossilator is quite a varied, and powerful little yellow box!
    Remember, if you really want to get an individual sound, you can use it in conjunction with the mini KP or wack it thru an external fx unit.
    I’m getting together with a bass player mate of mine for some jams, as it’s a very intuitive, quick piece of equipment to pick up and use, you can create on the fly, perfect for getting ideas out quick
    10/10, the best bit of kit I own.

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