Jumbo Size Digital Wall Clock

Huge Digital Wall Clock

If you got hooked on huge digits after having read about the Professional Bingo Calling Box, this wall clock might be right up your alley.

Measuring 1 metre by half a metre these clocks really are BIG, but whilst massive they weigh in on the trim side at just a few hundred grammes.

What’s more they are also virtually flat and flexible, which means you can just roll them up to transport or store them.

The Huge Digital Wall Clock is available in red, blue, green or white for £49.95 (about $100 USD) from the Gadgets.co.uk website.

(Chip Chick via Hardware Sphere)


  1. Hi, Robert! Thanks for featuring my blog. This digital clock is really cool. But somehow the size is really scary for my small apartment. :p

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