On the Fritz Wall “Broken” Wall Clock

Don’t expect people with extremely pressing and time-sensitive concerns to find this amusing. That said, it probably wouldn’t be a very good idea to hang the On the Fritz Wall “Broken” Wall Clock in a room where time is of the essence. Like say, in a hospital emergency room.

A good place for this prank clock, however, would be in your living room or in a waiting room at your office, just to lighten up the mood a bit. Just make sure your boss has a sense of humor, too. I mean, no one wants to get fired for pulling a silly prank, right?

On the Fritz' Broken Wall ClockOn the Fritz Wall “Broken” Wall Clock

It looks like a perfectly buttoned-down office clock…except for one little problem: the second hand has a mind of its own. Clock watching has never been so much fun!

The hand is bent in one corner and makes strange, sporadic movements of its own accord. This wall clock looks so run down, you’ll immediately want to take a breather. You’ll always have a perfect excuse! This entertaining wall clock will bring some wackyness into your day at home or at the office. Time will seem to fly by!

The On the Fritz Wall “Broken” Wall Clock is available from Amazon for $28.75.

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