Joker Trophy Wall Autographed Poster

Joker Trophies Autographed Poster

The Joker has been doing some hunting lately, and the Joker Trophy Wall Autographed Poster shows that hunting season has been very good to him.

There are a lot of great cosplayers out there but Anthony Misiano seems to have been born to play Batman’s arch-nemesis, to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the Clown Prince of Crime’s maniacal laugh come from his mouth.

Based on ‘Joker’s Trophy Wall,” a 2005 illustration by Brian Bolland, this 11 x 17 print features Misiano as the Joker sitting in front of a wall of trophies that include Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and Batgirl. Even the Penguin apparently ended up on the laughing one’s bad side.

The limited-edition Joker Trophy Wall Autographed Poster is available for $16 at Misiano’s StoreEnvy store.

(via GeekTyrant)

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