iPlunge Phone Stand

iPlunge Phone Stand
Go back to the days where our plumbing system wasn’t as good as it is today and we all needed to have at least one of these plungers hanging around beside the toilet in case of any (overflowing) emergencies. Now that those days are over, wouldn’t you at least like to honor the plunger that saved you from many a crisis back them by giving it the honor of holding your iPhone or iPod Touch up with the iPlunge Phone Stand?

The devices that this stand can literally support is wide and varied, as long as the size comes pretty close to that of the iPhone. Not only is it a quirky stand, it’s also something that can and will turn heads, guaranteed.

Toilet Plunger iPhone Stand

iPlunge Phone Stand

What you need, my friend, is a plunger. You heard right – a plunger! About two inches long, the iPlunge attaches firmly to the back of your shiny glossy i-device, and the wooden tail props itself up at just the right angle.

Not only are you able to, hands-free, enjoy your favorite shows, but you do so with just about the coolest and most ironic propping device around. Throw those other stands and cases in the toilet, and get an iPlunge instead!

The iPlunge iPhone Stand is available from ThinkGeek for $5.99. You can also find it on Amazon, where it has a price tag of $4.99.

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