Tentacle Inflatable Arm

Tentacle Arm Toy

Blasted barnacles! What’s this humongous thing where my arm used to be? I might be more than just a little inspired with all this pirate talk having just watched The Adventures of Tin Tin last night at the cinema. But really, you don’t have to dress like a pirate in order to find some use for this huge Tentacle Inflatable Arm.

Goof around, use it as part of some costume, hit someone on the head with it–just go crazy with the Inflatable Tentacle Arm. And do you know what would go great with it? None other than the Tentacle Mustache.

Inflatable Tentacle Arm

Inflatable Tentacle Arm

Your plain old human arms are so humdrum and commonplace. Why not replace one of them with a tentacle? This 3′ (91 cm) x 7″ (17.8 cm) diameter vinyl Inflatable Tentacle fits snugly over your hand and lets you pretend you’re slowly turning into a squid. Adds a bit of zing to any boring, traditional costume. Instead of dressing like a hobo, you’re a tentacle hobo!

The Tentacle Inflatable Arm is available from McPhee for $12 and at Amazon.com for $14.95.

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