Harry Potter ‘Harry’s First Spell’ Q-Fig


Get ready to work some magic with the Harry Potter ‘Harry’s First Spell’ Q-Fig.

Standing 3.37-inches tall (not including base), the Boy Who Lived joyfully wields his wand as his Hogwarts robe and Gryffindor scarf swirl around him. The figure might be called Harry’s First Spell but there’s no reason to let that limit you because you can write anything you want on the included whiteboard speech bubble, from Wingardium Leviosa to Avada Kedavra, or even write something Hagrid-like, such as ‘Shut up, Dursley, yeh great prune.’

The Harry Potter ‘Harry’s First Spell’ Q-Fig is available for $14.95 at qmxonline.com.

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  1. Great figurine! Well-crafted, and handsome rendition of Harry Potter. I look forward to buying one! John V. Karavitis

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