Harry Potter Gringotts Vault Coin Bank

Harry Potter Gringott's Vault Coin Bank

If you want to save your loose change and extra cash, there’s no place safer than this Harry Potter Gringotts Vault Coin Bank because of all the heightened security due to the Second Wizarding War.

Looking just like Vault 687 in Gringotts Wizarding Bank from the movies, this Gringotts Vault Coin Bank is just a shelf-sized version at about 6.5″ long. One difference is that you don’t need a goblin to help you access the contents, as there is an access hole at the bottom. Just like his parents left Vault 687 for Harry Potter, you too can pass this bank on to your children—it’s up to you how many bronze Knuts, silver Sickles, and golden Galleons you leave inside.

There’s no place safer then Gringotts Bank to store your savings! The Gringotts Vault coin bank makes a great place for Harry Potter fans to put their knuts and sickles to save and turn them into galleons! With a coin slot on the top and secure removable base.

Available at Hot Topic, Harry Potter Gringotts Vault Coin Bank is $34.90 $27.92. (Sale price at the time of publication and subject to change.)

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