Hankie Pocketbook

Hankie Pocketbook

How you dress speaks volumes. But another important aspect that many people catch on when they give you a once over is what’s in your pocket. Hankies are fine, and so is a pocketbook. But I think you can fool a lot of people into thinking you’ve got one or the other if you’ve got one of these Hankie Pocketbooks in your pocket.

It’s basically a handy notebook with a cover that makes it look like it’s a hankie. It’s a pain anyway to starch those hankies to make sure that they’re stiff enough, so why not look dapper and sharp with these pocketbooks instead?

Hankie Pocketbook Notepad.jpg

Hankie Pocketbook

  • 60‭ ‬ruled pages, ‬acid-free paper.
  • Available in 3‭ ‬colors‭: ‬Red‭, ‬Cream‭ ‬&‭ ‬Charcoal
  • Dimensions: 9×13.5 cm‭

The Hankie Pocketbook is available from Animi Causa for $9.99.

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